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Boarding Services

If you're looking for somewhere safe for your cat to rest their paws while you're away, look no further! At Exclusively Cats Medical Center of Medford we've created a safe and secure home away from home with dedicated veterinary technicians that know the best care for your cat during their stay. Luxury single and double condos are available. 


Single Condo



Single or Double



Single or Double



Single or Double


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Intake Exam - $33.00 per cat

Single Condo | 1 Cat - $35.00 / night

Double Condo | 1 Cat - $50.00 / night

Double Condo | 2 Cats - $70.00 / night


Medical boarding is an additional $22 per night, per medical boarding cat. Includes medication administration, daily medical monitoring, and any other treatments your cat's condition requires.

*Please be aware that a deposit of 50% of the total for your stay will be due on the day of admission. 

*A $30 Holiday charge will be added for each night that falls on a federal holiday.



Every cat must be current on rabies and FVRCP vaccines as well as flea and tick control. If you have not already uploaded your vaccine information, please send your records to Records from the last year of care will be helpful in the event a medical need arises. Vaccines should ideally be administered at least 2 weeks before boarding begins for your pet. If your pet is overdue for either rabies or FVRCP vaccination at the beginning of boarding, these vaccines will be given during your admission exam. If fleas are noted, a flea and tick medication will be applied (Bravecto).

Sleeping Cat


We encourage owners to bring along familiar blankets, cushions, etc to help your cat feel more relaxed during their stay. We will make every effort to keep track of each cat's belongings; however, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. All belongings should be labeled and everything should be contained in one labeled bag, tote, or box. Here is a checklist for you:

  • Food: Preferably pre-measured if it is dry food. Be sure to bring enough for the stay plus a little extra.

  • Medications if applicable: These must be in the original packaging, with the original prescription label

  • Favorite blankets, cushions, or other cloth/sleeping items. Food and water bowls, if you prefer we use yours.

  • Preferred litter if your cat is selective about litter.

  • Favorite toys: 2 or 3.

Managing stress is of utmost importance at Exclusively Cats. Our boarding facilities include a Feliway Optimum diffuser which helps mitigate stress and anxiety. We also have a screen so cats cannot see each other during their stay, and can give a stressed kitty Forti Flora Calming Care. If a pet is very stressed in spite of these measures, we can administer a mild anti-anxiety agent. If a pet experiences decreased appetite, we have multiple treats and snacks to entice them to eat. If approved by you, we can also use an appetite stimulant to encourage food intake. What have you noticed helps soothe your pet when they're nervous, stressed, or anxious? Conversely, what makes your kitty nervous or apprehensive? (Let us know at admission).



Please prepare for a 30-minute drop off process. Your pet will receive an examination by a doctor upon admission, so we can be sure to maintain optimal health while boarding and be aware of any pre-existing findings. We will ask you to take your cat to their reserved condo, unless you are not comfortable doing so. Many cats are more relaxed when their owners have helped them settle into their temporary housing.


Our team will send you daily updates which may include pictures or videos, unless you opt to not receive these updates or will be in an area where cellular or WiFi service is limited. When you pick up your kitty, you will receive your belongings as well as a boarding report card and goody bag as a thank you for your cat's stay. If you have further questions for the doctor, please let the staff know. The doctor will make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours if they are not immediately available.


If you are picking up when the hospital is otherwise closed, you will be given a 30-minute pickup window during which pickup must be accomplished. If you are not able to make this window, we understand - things happen! We will continue to take care of your kitty until the next day you are able to arrange pickup. Additional charges will apply accordingly.


Cancellation must be requested at least 24 hours ahead of the start of your reservation. Holiday cancellations must be requested at least 72 hours before the reservation start. Any cancellation requests made after these times will incur one night's worth of charges.


We look forward to providing your kitty with a home away from home. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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